“Later” Heir Conditioning 022

How many people do you know who live paycheck to paycheck? One unexpected bill, or a few days off work, and they are in a financial free-fall. Are you living life on the jagged edge financially? For most people in this situation the thing that pushed them to the edge of disaster was not the transmission breaking or their overtime at work being cut last week. The problem was lack of diligence and wise planning that started years ago.
“Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours it.” (Proverbs 21:20)
If you read that and conclude it is about how unfair life is because the rich have plenty and the poor have only enough to get by, you have missed the point completely.
The second part is the cause, not the effect. To state it as instruction, which is what Proverbs is, “A foolish man eats / devours everything he makes. A foolish man spends every penny he makes. On the other hand, a wise man spends less than he makes and saves for the times when income decreases or expenses increase.”
This morning I read a statement to the effect that most people in trouble never said of something that is wise “That’s stupid. I won’t do it!” They usually say “That’s pretty smart. I’ll try to get around to it sometime.” and never do.
Be wise. A wise man or woman learns what the Bible say AND DOES IT!