Enough? Heir Conditioning 020

One of the traps of our digital age is the sheer volume of messages we see telling us how unsatisfied we should feel with our current situation in life. Look how happy those people are. A wise person knows those posts and images are not the full story. A wise person knows what photo editing is and what creative storytelling is. A wise person knows that advertising is designed to make us unhappy until we part with our money to buy the thing being offered. A wise person knows they are being played. But maybe?
Its that maybe that causes us to break the tenth commandment – you shall not covet other people’s stuff. Being satisfied with our current situation does not mean we can’t work to improve our circumstance. Quite the contrary. Work diligently to provide well for your family. But do first things first. Work and save. Spend less than you earn. Impatience will sabotage you. Plan for the future but concentrate on doing today’s work today.
“Prepare your work outside; (this assumed you were a self employed farmer) get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that (you can) build your (dream) house.” (Proverbs 24:27)